Medicine’s Secret Shame unveiled..!



On Friday, 6th February 2015, Oncologist & Fulbright scholar, Ranjana Srivastava, took to to xray a perennial cankerworm tucked neatly into the bright white coats or scrubs of men and women saddled with the responsibility to restore the health of billions in our world.

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How doctors treat doctors may be medicine’s secret shame.

It was a noteful flashlight into a problem that particularly bedevil the profession in Nigeria, like every other nation. I’m yet to decipher the logic that upholding ‘unhealthy rivarly or outright oppression of one another’ rather than ‘mutual respect’ is a better way to entrench the age-long traditions of the noble trade of medical practive. In terms of improving prospects or promoting the collective public image and mental wellbeing, I’m not sure that approach is working.

For me, the following excerpts were insightful from theguardian article by Ranjana Srivastava & I share thus:

“…Absolutely. The medical profession as a whole abounds with fragile egos and deep vulnerabilities..”

“Research, here and abroad, points to increasing levels of anxiety, depression and burnout among doctors. We traditionally invoke factors such as long hours, demanding patients and unending bureaucracy as the cause but perhaps it is worth asking what role do we play in harming each other, however unintentionally…” The patients suffer inevitably thereby.

May we all find grace to be true brethren rather than competitors in our selfless efforts to save lives, one at a time among billions across the globe..!!

And for a way forward,

We can all use some of the advise in the video clip below: “Protect your creative genius” by Jamie Katuna

Russia and the West: Where did it all go wrong? -BBC News



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Russia and the West: Where did it all go wrong? –

Now more than ever after the disintegration of the USSR, the aggressive reappearance of the Vladimir Putin led Russia Federation in the international scene is raising more germaine questions than answers, fast unsettling the global community that was already at home with the unipolar world order and definitely igniting migraine in the heads of NATO leaders, the US led Western Alliance.

The above publication by BBC NEWS did some justice to the subject that you may find worthy of your inquisitive mind. So, click  , read and drop your take, remarks and comments right here.

Preventing Colon, Prostate & Liver Cancers: Tips for Everyone!!



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Cancer is one of the most critical health issue confronting 21st century populations. This lecture will describe to you the best practices for colon, prostate and liver cancer prevention in primary healthcare practice that anyone can understand and learn from.

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So, download this cancer prevention lecture, learn all you can, practice everything and share the information. Together, we shall win the war against cancer in our lifetimes!!

FMoH Guidelines for Young Persons’ Participation in Research and Accessing Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Nigeria (2014).



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If you do research in Nigeria involving children and adolescent or you provide sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services to young persons within Nigeria then, you must have been faced with the challenge of finding legal and regulatory framework to guide your work. Today, you need not look or worry any further as the Federal Ministry of Health has a consultative report document that can guide your work. Click FMoH Guidelines for Young Persons Participation in Research & Accessing SRH Services in Nigeria 2014  for your copy.

According to Dr. Khaliru Alhassan, the Hon. Minister of State for Health and Supervising Minister of Health, in his foreword to the document, he said that “..Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) consequences disproportionately affect children, adolescents, and young persons. They account largely for morbidity and mortality in these groups in many African countries including Nigeria and have slowed down or reversed the gains of the child survival efforts of the last decade. The need to mainstream children and adolescents in national reproductive health programmes has become even more significant because children profoundly depend on adults for participation in research and access to SRH services that affect their survival and development.

As part of efforts of the Federal Government of Nigeria, to strengthen SRH interventions across the country the need for the Federal Ministry of Health to develop a guidance document to address gaps currently inhibiting participation of children in SRH research and their access to services has become pertinent. This document is designed out of the need to provide guidance in determining the age at which children, adolescents and young persons can give consent for SRH research and access to services without parental consent and in addition, establish standards of practice with regards to management of confidentiality for SRH research and service provision in the best interest of the child. Also some ethical considerations become necessary when engaging children with special conditions in SRH research and service provision.

The Federal Government of Nigeria expects that all health professionals and organizations in the country involved with engaging children, adolescents and young persons in SRH research and their access to services will uphold the standards prescribed in this guidance document. This document is expected to be implemented along with the National Health Research Ethics Council and eventually adopted as a policy document…”

Document source:

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#Xenophobia & #Racism in Contemporary Times: a peep into the African dynamics



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For me, it is absolute NO to #Xenophobia or more correctly #Racism, wherever it is happening globally including Northern Nigeria where southerners and sometimes, selectively christian-southerners are considered and treated as foreigners in their own country even by the host state governments. They are usually killed at will for flimsy reasons or no reason at all except for the fact that they are strangers in those communities or share a religious perspective different from the persecutors. Of course, similar incidences do occur down south in Nigeria but, much less violent or fatal.

Though humans of all skin colour or faith are guilty of these acts, it is a long made conclusion that the trend between blacks to blacks is seemingly much worse, least reported and absolutely senseless. Friends have always stirred at me whenever I dared to remind them that black people are actually the worst racist in contemporary times if objectively anaylsed. You may call it tribalism, ethnic rivalry or religious war or any other suitable term.

In the simplest explanation, more often than not, whites are racist because they feel superior and wants all others to come under their control but, blacks do theirs for a deep sense of envy, hatred and endemic inferiority complex. An average black man tolerates people of other tribe as long as they are poorer, suffering and less productive but, trouble starts when a non indigenous group are seen to be progressive, contributing to society progress and getting less dependent. Elsewhere, some white populations are known to prefer such crop of foreigners whom they will rather encourage to stay so they can exploit their productive abilities to build their societies.

This is not to excuse the cruelty of white racist and the unfathomable crimes they commit but, I hope that the resurging incidences of racism across the globe from SA to USA to Northern Nigeria will awaken our instinct to rethink and reform how we see or treat each and every other human being we interact with. #Racism or #Xenophobia is an assault on our collective humanity. All arsenals must be deployed to stamped it out. I am Abraham Idokoko and I #saynotoXenophobia..!!!

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Equality, Inequality and Equity in Perspectives!



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It suffices to assert that God Almighty is the author of “inequality” in the natural order of life. Hence, He made fingers unequal. You don’t need to agree with the statement but you will concur to the following premise.

At the same time, God Almighty established “equity” which makes none of the unequal fingers suffer any deprivation in blood supply or innervation as a result of their positioning, size or limited contribution to functionality of the hand.

More ingeniously, God made it such that the thumb must cooperate with the other four fingers in order for anyone to achieve any meaningful functional use of the hand despite the fact that the thumb is as powerful as the other four fingers put together.

Without further ado, I suppose the foregoing analogy places another huge nail to the coffin of the sensational but dead-on-arrival propaganda of human equality in contemporary times as opposed to the timeless need to resurrect the evidently logical preeminence of equity and functional cooperation as the panacea for sustainable peacebuilding and development in all human society.

In other words, “Equality of humans does not exist except or perhaps in the matchless view of the Most High God. Hence, the pursuit of equity is the soul and sole means of achieving justice and harmony among humans” Abraham Idokoko ©Wíseåb thoughts 2013/11/10.5:33pm.library.unilag!

“God lives in the Sun”


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If all life on earth & indeed, life on our universe depends on sunlight. And there is no evidence of life elsewhere outside the reach of the sun. So, we can ignore the usefulness of light from other stars to life beside the sun’s. And every other body in our galaxy have no light of their own except that which they reflect from the sun. Hence, the sun is the ONLY source of useful light to the earth. And the Holy Book says all life comes from God, & are sustained by God. And Jesus Christ said: “I am the light of the world.” #JustThinkingAloud
Life on earth is sustained by #light, the sun’s light. God must be living in this sun. #God is in the #sun. No wonder we can’t behold it. Hhhmmm.., there is a strong linkage between life, light, the sun and God i.e. “God ~ the Sun ~ Light ~ Life” .!
Man has made/created all types of light but, none of it can compare or replace, in composition and effect, that from the sun. In fact, “life without the Sun would eventually prove to be impossible to maintain on Earth”, according to all available scientific evidence. The Sun determines the times, the season, the climate and type of life on earth, its oceans & everywhere else. Different parts of the earth sustain life only to the extent determined mainly by the amount, quality and degree of sunlight it receives in each season. Planets too close to the sun can’t sustain life, the ones farther away are hopelessly incompatible with life. The earth has to be where it is positioned from the very beginning, rotating and revolving at predetermined and strictly regulated speed and distance from the sun to sustain life. Who made this? Who put it in place? Who maintains this?
You must be really very stupid to ever think or believe that there is no #God. Nature my foot. Forget that ‘BigBang’ nonsense. Indeed, only a hopeless fool will say in his heart, there is no God. Not my words, it is the Holy Book’s.!
My advise: “Fear God, keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.!
AND SOMEONE ASKED: Sir, is it not foolish to think that God was not created too?? How could he be so perfect to have created a perfect world?? Who created God?


No matter how advanced artificial intelligence will become, a robot will never understand how the first humans were created out of dust or the mystery of human procreation via just two microscopic cells fusing at fertilization. It will always look foolish in the thinking of a robot that the 7billion plus humans roaming the planet weren’t mass produced in a factory.
All historical records, inspired and as written, attest that there was a being, God Almighty, at the beginning of time. Before creation, He was. He is the creator of all that were, and is and will be. He didn’t say the world was perfect at creation. He only said that all the created things were good, not necessary perfect. Then, He created man, who was a PERFECT replica/image of Himself [this is a subject for another day] and that was before the fall of man. And to the perfect man, He transferred all His creative capabilities, and commanded him to be fruitful/re-create, multiply and replenish the earth. Since then, man has been re-creating and creating most of what we now know e.g. God didn’t create the device you are using to respond to my post, man did.
However, inarguably, man was created, we didn’t evolve, and the being who was the beginning [God] made man. This self-existing being declared in the revealed book that He is “I AM”. There is no reference before and after Him. He declared Himself as “The beginning, ..and the end”. He is not amenable to time. He is time. Humans/science reason in terms of time & physical dimensions. God is dimensionless, unsearchable & immeasurable. He can’t be found out except to whom and to the extent He chose to reveal Himself. The tools of man, whom He created out of mere dust, are too crude to unravel Him. The semi-solid grey & white matter floating within the cranium of man is too fragile to fathom He that created the heavens before the earth so that no man would say He stood on the earth to mould the heavens.
Somehow, no one doubts that at some point, at the very beginning, there was “nothing”. And He [God] was there at this beginning when there was “nothing”. If He existed while there was “nothing” then, He is NOT one of the “something” that were created and can be deciphered. He exist beyond the realm of “thing” and He Is even when/where there is no “thing”. It is “thing” that came to be at creation. That’s why the Holy Book says “God is a Spirit”, not a thing. Spirits aren’t created. You can not prove the existence of spirits like “things”. You will recall that He called all “things” into existence except for man, whom He made in His likeness/image. In the biblical account, the man made in Genesis 1:26,27 in His likeness and image, was a spirit. He existed like God. He was both male & female, just like God, at that point. And if he had remained a spirit, he wouldn’t have fallen. Till today, only the spirit of man can relate with God. The Holy Book had this to say: “God is a spirit, ..and they that worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth” [John 4:24]. Again, spirits can not tend physical garden and God wanted man to do that. Then man was given flesh, a body, a thing, in Genesis 2:7, from the dust and that made man, a thing. And unto that dust the body always returns but, the spirit of man never dies. It exist forever like God. It is that spirit that inherit eternal life. And every human knows that the physical body is not all that He/she is, though we can’t prove it using human tools. There is another us beyond our physical body that seem to control all we are. If our scientific tools/mind can not decipher the spirit of man, how then do you want to unravel God.? We know how to create a new human body from artificial insemination/fertilization but, until that created body receive life/breathe/the spirit from God, it grows into an inviable morula of cells. If we had known how to transfer life into any cell, human attempt at IVF wouldn’t suffer as much failure rate as we know. God is the sole author of life. No life exist outside of Him.

Thus far, with your thousand years of research and scientific advancement, you are unable to know up to 0.01% of what He created at the beginning, and in the next million years to come, you wouldn’t know 10%, and yet you wish to unveil He who created He that created “I Am”. Hhhmm, the high and lofty one shall always be illusory to the un-regenerated mind of the reprobate man. Yes, such a mind will find it foolish that the Ancient of days, the creator of all things, could not have been created because He was, and Is, and He is to come. Amen.!

You know what, the day you are able to decipher “I AM” in your 4-pound brain, I will start serving you instead of Him. I can not possibly serve a created “god”, who you know how He was created. Of course, God Almighty knows man too well that He wouldn’t even allow the holiest among us see His face. If man had any idea whatsoever, you will attempt to start manufacturing your own version of “god” in your laboratories/factories like you are trying to do now with human species.! He said: “I AM”, and He is.

God is a Spirit.!

May you not know who created God. And may you not waste the few days you have to spend on this side of the divide trying to demystify the timeless one. May we focus our times and energy on the predestined mission of being fruitful/creative, productive/re-creative and multiplying. Amen.!

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