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You see, failure is not a bad thing… not really. Failure means you did something and got a result! It’s what you do with that result that nowmatters…Do you cry and complain about it? OR do you except it… do you embrace it…and do you learn from it?

Hopefully you are grasping these important building blocks. Without them motivation falls flat.We all come from different backgrounds. Some of us struggle in life… otherhave everything handed to us. Some of us come from a loving and supportive family; some of us are in a continuous state of fighting and live in negative environments…No matter what your past history is… no matter the environment you live innow… You have been given the ability by God to transform your thoughts.You were born human. Human’s have the ability to self-direct. And it’s aseasy to direct our minds negatively as positively.BUT it takes a shift of thinking. You need to STOP!!

Step back and make a decision. If you are down… decide to concentrate on getting up. If your environment is mostly negative, concentrate on only the little bit of positive… They can take your body, but they can’t take your spirit and mind!!

Right down your goals… right down who you want to be. Repeat to yourself everyday your desires. Remind yourself everyday that you are special and that your environment doesn’t decide who you are… not yourpast… not your present. It’s between you and God.That’s it!

Everything around you is temporary. It doesn’t have to be permanent.

I KNOW WHAT SOME OF YOU ARE THINKING!! That’s easy for you to say! You don’t understand my situation.

True… I don’t know what you are going through. I know what I’ve beenthrough… and I can guarantee if I didn’t employ the things I’m teaching you in this guide… I wouldn’t be teaching the things I’m teaching you in this guide! I wouldn’t even be here.

We all have our own demons and obstacles to overcome. BUT… there is help out there…

So What Are the 5 Secrets?

1. Decisions…:It’s not in a book or website… it’s not at a seminar. It’s not contained in an audio or visual presentation. It’s in your mind.

That’s the first secret.Motivation Starts with a Decision to Let Yourself Be Motivated

2. “Acting as If”… you’ve already attained it.Notice a lot of this is mental… it has nothing to do with your physical surroundings or the company you keep.

Be confident and sure about your direction.

Stop! It’s OK if you are a Newbie, but loose the newbie mindset. Don’tkeep repeating it to yourself… You know something? It’s just questions…even the experts have questions.

3. Plan…Have a Plan! You got a decision… now you need to plan the journey!It doesn’t have to be complex. Take an hour… jot down some notes.But have at least a pretty good idea of what it will take…

If you don’t have a plan, how do you know what decisions to make along theway?Put Together A Plan so that Motivation Will Have a Map to Follow…

4. Visualize: See yourself achieving the prize…See yourself walking down that path…Visualize yourself as who you want to be…

If you do this enough… everyday, your mind will take control of thosethoughts…You will find yourself driving your car thinking about your future…You will find yourself in the shower solving problems…You will find your mind wandering while doing the dishes…The habit comes. In the beginning you have to build visualization into your routine, but eventually it will become your nature.

Visualize and Provide a Clear Picture for Motivation to Embrace…

5. Action —> Combined with Faith. We have covered a lot of ground in this small Report…You now know what you need mentally.The 5th secret might actually surprise you…Action… Combined with faith?This last secret involves forgetting everything I have told you up until now…Yes… you must work on all those things if you are going to stay motivated and make a better life for yourself and to achieve your hearts desires…BUT… NONE of it will just happen.You must act.