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Usurpers may have enticed your emotions with this destructive concept of nature reversal to achieve their selfish ends to the extent that the most powerful force on earth are being thwarted by self-serving campaigners to lose the core strings that make the world sane in order to pursue ephemeralities that shall ever remain the exclusive preserve of the few.

I dare to assert that there is nothing like gender equality. Our gender roles are not equal, cannot be equal and shouldn’t be equal. Make no mistake, i am a committed apostle of gender equity and human equality. It’s unfortunate that the entire world has been swept over by the erroneous concept of gender equality which politicians have since embraced as an effective tool to rally support and votes from the highly emotional female gender.

Yes, all humans are equal but we don’t have equal roles by gender or any other parameter. Men can’t get pregnant. Does that make them lesser privileged and disadvantaged because, they have to depend on a woman to perpetuate their species? God Almighty or the supernatural creator or nature, whichever name suits you, made one before the other in His infinite wisdom to achieve a happier world that checks itself. He defined abilities by instituting gender difference to imply roles that no technological advancement will be able to reverse. Then, why does anyone regard women as lesser humans who needs to be pushed into leadership positions to attain prominence? Is it because they are most privileged to reserve the sole ability to incubate humans in their bellies unlike men? I thought this make women play mini-gods. There must be something fishy about this campaigns tagged women liberation movement encapsulated in the notion of ‘gender equality’.

Reading in-between the lines, you will find that gender equality is originally a unilateral sponsored concept of the fast growing human mutants that adopted same sex relationships as a way of life in order to achieve a world that tolerate the gross depravity of their anomalous sexual practices by promoting the idea of men or women being equal in societal roles such that the idea of interdependence sieged in heterosexual relationships can be abolished; thereby endangering the family meant for human emancipation. Of course, the politicians hijacked the concept as it gave them a fake image of gender tolerance which easily give them acceptance to the women that vote most in any election. No wonder that lip service is being paid by same politicians to policies that empowers the real woman to be most effective as a mothers and wives which poses a threat to their self-serving interest of keeping their immediate families unchallenged as the political dynasty of the lands. Rather, they put few women allies in their cabinets to keep their message alive while the real women remain uneducated, impoverished, dying from easily preventable health challenges.

Look here, my friends, we don’t need gender equality. That is easy to say and vague to evaluate. What we need is gender equity and women empowerment to fulfil their in-born potentials. This is tasking and feared by the world imperialist systems leading the nations. Tell them to commit to human equality that will eliminate every form of human rights abuses.

Many of the supposed objectives of gender equality are mis-conceived as they are essentially the core values of a world of equity where all humans are provided the enabling environment to realise their inborn potentials. This has no gender bias to it. It promote an egalitarian society devoid of ethno-racial-religious discriminations. Within it walls, women, children and of course, children are poised to live out possibilities. Don’t be deceived, the world does not become a better place by placing more women in political positions rather, by having more women have un-restricted access to education and healthcare while guaranteeing equal rights for all.

Surely, women are the most powerful influence on earth in their natural roles. They do say that, behind every successful man is a woman; but, it important you also accept the truth that behind every failed man is woman. The world fails when women fail in their natural role as the moulders of world leaders in the home front as mothers and/or wives. This is where women have natural expertize that needs empowerment and not in the forefronts of the discourse on the wars in Sudan and Iraq.

The current wind of gender equality campaigns is an assault on the home institution which means putting an axe on the very foundation root of a society. How can they who determine who kings are and what kings do begin to beg for servanthood roles in the kingdoms. What an aberration? Is like the human brains asking to be the hands. Yes, the brain is fragile in semi-solid states under the protection of the cranial bones which in way restricts the brain’s freedom. In other words, the brain is the ‘weaker vessel’ but, most powerful organ of the human body, almost never seen in the lifetime of any human yet, determines all you ever see and know about any human. All other parts of the body are serving the directives of the brain. Then, how do you say the brain is being oppressed and disadvantaged? No, the brain is being protected and well guided.

Now, do we expunge the brain to the face or hands so that all can see what it can do? I don’t need to tell you that is suicide. And that is exactly what the gender equality campaigners are doing. They are telling the world societies to commit suicide and annihilate itself by expunging her most valuable force to the wear and tears of political life while, the home dies. Is this freedom?

I know you must have handy, exceptional cases of outstanding women leadership in the political soils over the ages. You are very correct. Absolutely right about that. It is true that when a woman chose to transfer her passions, discipline and infuence from the homes into societal leadership, they excel with lots of glitz and glamour. Excellent, you would say. But, take a minute to make a list of these politically successful women who were able to raise their children to eminent roles while serving society. What can you say of their relationship with their husbands?

You now know that for every single woman who dumps her home in pursuit of political prominence, A GENERATION OF HUMANS MET TO RULE THEIR WORLD IS LOST AND ANIHILATED. The role of a woman as mother and wife is in absolute contrast with the tenets of surviving in a political world. So, no one has and can achieve desirable results with both at the same time.

Somebody is saying it’s okay for women to keep failing at the homefront and that can be reversed by allowing them greater roles in societal leadership. What a fallacy? Women make homes and the high rate of women failing in their roles at home in exchange for supposed grooming for greater societal roles is the genesis of half-baked men in political leadership today and of course, the attendant decadence. You call it freedom for the women but, it is actually abandonment of the children, the world’s future in the hands of coaches.

Dear women, you are most powerful in your natural role. The greatest leaders in the world had successful women behind them. You are judged by your success at the home front. These doesn’t reduce your societal prominence but lifts you to kingmaker pedestal which undermines all discriminations. You don’t need the men to create space for you in leadership. Teach them how to lead instead. Discover the powers endowed in you. Men serve you. Why do want to reverse this?

I know women to be the most fearless and strongest penetrator of societal ladders when they know who they are. No one commands men better than women, only if this women knew their strength. Women mould the world form the homefront and we need more of them better empowered to win at this level if we dream of a better world. Yes, women can lead but fewer of them we push into leading roles, the saner the future we become.

What more can i say? Do we empower the women to be more effective or we send them to the streets to serve the men in the name of gender equality? Your take and definite actions on this is critical to bequeath a better society for the generations yet un-born. SELAH!