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In the 21st century, it is increasing imperative that the world especially, African political leaders change their perception of who the young people are for what their worth.

My heart bleeds each time leaders on political platforms, ignobly reduce and equate young persons to all forms of indecency, noise, violence, irresponsibility, lack of purpose, ephemerality, incompetence and everything bad except for leadership and excellence in political and corporate governance. More so, that they subtly hide this insinuations by flatteringly referring to youths as the future.

You are definitely familiar with that statement and i expect you to be amazed at me and ask: “what is wrong with that?” Well, i must say that perception about young persons is a gross anomaly. A political lie at the least. The Holy Books and history affirms that the strength of any nation lies in their youth. Their abilities define the in-situ capabilities of any people. Come to think of it; If youths are the future, then, what are the children?

Of course, the children are the future, not the youth. Check out the demographics. An average African dies before his/her 50th birthday. More than 75% of Africans alive are young people below 24 years of age. They are the ones in the work places, driving the economy and serving in the armed-forces. We are actually the today, not tomorrow as they have made us belief to edge us from relevance.

The truth is that they say you are leaders of tomorrow to psychologically isolate and exclude you from leadership parlance & governance, which they believe it’s their exclusive preserve till death. What a deception? Next, this gladiators reduce you to politically mercenaries to perpetuate their wicked agenda while assuming imperial prominence over our commonwealth. As it is, the bright and best of young persons get used, frustrated, maimed and killed; paving the way for their children to return from their western hideouts to assume political leadership after their fathers.

Hence, this call goes to all young people to arise and take up the mantle to lead this generation at every available capacity. Refuse to let that 70year old tell you that you are too young. They are the ones to leave the scene, not you. Ask if any of them would employ a 70year old as their security operative or employee in their companies. If they need you to protect their lives and interest, then, you must be good enough to lead them as well. SAY NO TO GENERATIONAL SLAVERY!

In contrast, Youths are the stakeholders and leaders of today. We have everything to lose for every bad decision made today but, they don’t because, they are of yesterday. We own today and the children owns tomorrow. No other group can lead today better than us. We have the strength, intellectual capacity and vigour than anyone else.

In this wise, we commend appreciable achievements and potentials made in the areas of music and sports by African youths but, it is critical to re-emphasize the truth that majority of African youths are not musicians nor sportsmen. Most young people on this continent are farmers, entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, financial experts, professionals in varying fields, etc. And in these lie the strength of mother Africa.

My dear young fellow, it’s pertinent that i urge you to refuse to be addressed as the future. Never act indecently to suit any money bag’s parochial interest. Yes, you need to respect and honour deserving elders as necessary on your way up but, you must run and take over responsibilities from this old folks. Their presence in the centre stage infest our polity with lethargy, decisions are slack and development is at the senescence pace of their ageing minds.

Together, we will NOT allow them spoil our today by promising you a tomorrow. Otherwise, you may have indirectly helped them throw away the very ladders that took them up and that guarantees you not to see the tomorrow in their promise.

Today is yours, take charge!