Ever thought like “it is just today or just this one thing, let me fail it or lose it for tomorrow i will plan to win”.

Hey, you are deadwrong; you had better not failed today so you will have good reasons to succeed tomorrow which keeps u on top for life.

If you don’t make success a nature, achieving anything will always be an uphill task. Get used to doing it right the first time and always. Adopting ‘TQM’ total quality management approach to life seems a licence to distal failure from your territory. Because, a little failure, a little folding of your arms to fail on just one thing may perpetually keep you on the coast of those who are used to the floor that fears no fall. Although, the majority of the world live there, you don’t have to join them. And your current address may be at this broad way but, you can choose to relocate today.

If only you would understand that there is no democratic path to the success pinnacle. This is one aspect of life where the majority can’t have their way. No wonder, those who found comfort in the majority rule of ‘average’ early in their lives soon discovered at middle age that they consistently achieved middle class status until they chose to break ranks by tolling the lonely, unconventional narrow path to personal success.

But, the big question is: Who defines success? When is the definition valid? And what are your success benchmarks?….”

NB: Above writeup is an excerpt from Dr. Abraham Idokoko’s many thoughts on a lonely day. Feel free to discuss it panoramically. Maybe, some lessons are in it.

Some have remarked that it no one’s at times that they fail: Yes, that is not incorrect per se except that it shifts to the perspective of whether success is about decisions, actions and choice.

First, i have come to view success as not one single event but a sustained lifestyle of winning throughout life.

Yes, many people didn’t chose to fail but, i am saying that was yesterday, gone forever. Again, choosing not to fail to not necessary equate to deciding to succeed. Yes, you don’t want to fail but, what did you do about it?

Today, you can deliberately chose to succeed having learnt the needed lessons.

Mind you, no one has failed yet until he/she is dead. They only lost a chance to succeed in the past. Everyone has failed at one thing or the other at a given time but, it is those who give up that are called ‘failures’.

So, while there is still life in your bones, relocation from that failed point is possible!