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The reverend scientific method is set to be systematic, controlled and above all, EMPIRICAL.

It’s empirical nature implies evidence-based findings which invalidate all other sources of human knowledge based on tradition/authority, revelation, experience, trial and error and/or logical reasoning.

As respected and acclaimed the scientific principles are, they make it impossible for the scientific process to vet the existence of God which is made clear from all other sources. And God seizes to be God the day He allow divinity to be a subject provable by ordinary human science.

Science says if u can’t see it or prove it, then, it doesn’t exist but, God says, ‘I AM’. You don’t need to describe me with human adjectives to prove me to Pharoah, just tell him ‘I AM’ said so.

Most of the problems humans have today, springs from their age-long quest for proves and evidence of God’s existence before having faith in Him. Humans do this deliberately but, most indulge in this, instinctively.

I am sorry my dear friend, u can’t reason out God and stop trying to understand Him. Rather, let God help you understand yourself, your world and why He created you. And he will not go out of his way to prove Himself to you because, common sense tells you He is. And no scientific method can prove him out. HE IS GOD and no one else. PERIOD!

That sets the big divide between limited human reasoning and the infinite wits of divinity.

If only you will trust and take him at His word, your life will be easier because, your whole lifetime devoted would never be enough to find him out. Only your Faith can reach His throne and access immeasurable wisdom for victorious living. And no logic can explain this Faith as evidence of things not seen yet, you have their substance in hope already.

God does heal the sick. Please, don’t try to understand the mechanism of the healing action. Accept it simply and He will heal your life!

He creates ways where there seems to be no way, even, dry lands on the sea and springs in the desert. Avoid trying to decipher the physics or chemistry of that.

He provides manna even in the wilderness. Forget about the agricultural principles that can be behind it.

Besides, God exist as a trinity; you can’t decode that. And would you try to unravel the embryology of virgin mary conceiving the Messiah?

Talk less of rationalizing the kinetics of His shedding of blood on the cross for the redemption of all mankind, including you. Neither does His resurrection with all power have any clinical interpretation.

No wonder, the more science claims it has known, the more confusing and complex human problems have become exposing how little, infinitesimally minute, the understanding of men is, relative to the alpha and omega, the beginning with no end, who created the heavens before the earth with unfathomable array of galaxies that strictly obey supernatural laws beyond human faculty.

What an awesomely great God! All blessings, glory, honour and adoration must be to His Holy Name forever, and ever, and ever, and ever…,AMEN!

The question is: will you spend the rest of your life trying to understand God? Or you will rather accept His Lordship over all including you; so that your life can make more sense, become more beautiful underneath His everlasting arms with an assurance of eternity in His matchless kingdom when you are done on earth!


Nice thoughts in this video clip! The stupidity of empiricism re-echoed right there.., in my view!!

Why would anyone want to worship a god that is fully understood and explainable by the philosophy of science?? I, for one, won’t do that. If scientific methods and tools can understand, explain and replicate the workings of my God then, science would be superior.., & more worthy of worship. But, God forbid that men created in His image and empowered by Him would seek to dissect Him in their little brain and possibly remake Him in one of their laboratories. How insolent that reasoning would be? No wonder, the Holy book called it the height of foolishness.

There is a 3rd dimension to knowledge that only occurs by “revelation”. True knowledge has always come by revelation. Many of the world’s greatest inventors and creative minds did not derive the supposed new knowledge they propounded by following the dictates of the scientic process ab initio. Rather, they foresaw or had a revelation of that knowledge in what is now popularly tagged a brain wave long before they enter a laboratory to prove that their revealed knowledge is real because, typically, the philosophy of science ridicules the revealed knowledge. And the Almighty, all-knowing God chose that REVELATION is the only mechanism by which man can know Him. An insolent empiricist can not find Him out because God reveal Himself only to those humbled by His awesomeness. He giveth grace to the humble.

History has it that a man called Saul of Tarsus, a man who “knew it all”, devoutly insolent and led a persecutory onslaught against the early church because he thought it impossible that God Almighty could have been born in human flesh, lived among men, crucified to redeem man and resurrected to reign forever more. Amen.!! These truths were not, are not and will never be amenable to scientific reasoning.

On his way to Damascus for yet another onslaught, Saul was inexplicably humbled just by a light, only the light, not all the lights but, a light shown from heaven, he fell, “tasted some dust” and called Him Lord before, God revealed Himself as Jesus Christ, whom he persecuted.

And the rest of his life, Saul renamed Paul, never questioned whom God is, nor His ways, but, only sought to know Him more, and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering.

Not many would be as lucky as Saul or Paul but, we do know today, as in time past, that until the grace of God that bringeth salvation appears to a man, he cannot know God. An insolent mind cannot understand God. The reverend scientific methodologies and tools cannot help anyone find out God. Neither would certification from the world’s best schools of theology. 

The idea of “a God, one God” wouldn’t make sense to an insolently depraved mind. The fact that Jesus Christ died to save man would remain ridiculous to the rudiments of scientific thoughts until they receive the REVELATION knowledge of He that was, and is, and He is to come Amen!!

That’s why i concluded long ago in my write-up above that applying empiricism to understanding God is the beginning of the foolishness of science!!