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A new world is envisaged by the radical proponents of “all men are equal” without adding the contextual postfix: “before God”.

Indeed, all men should be equal! Why not? Imagine a world where men also get pregnant. Children are equal to mothers, so they fend for themselves. Everyone is an engineer, doctor, farmer, president at the same time. No one respect or listen to the other afterall, we are all equal. We are all leaders and subjects at the same time. You will only imagine chaos and impossibility to progress that will ensue from that. But, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT EQUALITY theorist imply!

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The crusaders masquerading under the pretence of common interest have hijacked the sentiments of a world earnestly yearning for true social justice and fairness encapsulated only in the dictums of EQUITY. They had rather channeled the course of humans pursuit of an unrealistic, antisocial state of a world of equality.

If i must say then, EQUALITY does not exist and never will in any real world social order. Not even in the religious circle where the preachers of equality themselves are highly exalted and practically worshipped social elements. If we were equal then, why do they assume special titles, special offices, frontline seats, special privileges and uncommon access to divine authority? WHO IS DECEIVING WHO?

It is self deception at its zenith to buy into that!

Equity they know is possible through egalitarianism, fairness and social justice. But, the same people who execute an oppressive social order never, ever want the commons to pursue and demand for equity as it threatens their supposed privileges and advantages. Hence, they pioneered this nonsensical strategy of keeping the world in search of an impossible order where all humans are equal as it is in heaven. Hhhmm, men deceiving men. Not even the holy books supports such.

The Holy Bible says: “love your neigbour as yourself..” and that is equity. Treat others in their roles as you would like to be treated in your capacity. This is simple sanity!

The universal story of creation clearly corroborate that God Almighty Himself established the social order right from the beginning. He created Man and later, woman. Male and female created He them. The moon to rule by night and the sun to rule in the day. He made nothing equal to the other.

Everything, including humans were individually, specially and uniquely created to fulfil specific purpose. even the most identical twins have some differences inherent in them. And none has a superior purpose over the other. And this is the doctrine of equity, not equality. And that is why God sees all men equal because he knows them all and can see their purposes, essences and their ends; and none has a superior attribute over the other.

Yes, people possess different unique attributes and varying capacity that puts them in diverse roles which keeps the world running. No one’s attribute is superior to the other’s. This is equity. A world where men value the life, capacity and role of the other, irrespective. Devoid of discrimination and oppression. The manager repects the cleaner and vice versa. The life of the citizen has same value as that of the president. Everyone has dignity in their social roles. No one envy the other. And this is possible. But, it doesn’t make us all equal. No! It only make each respect the social status of the other as a unique diversity of nature that must be jealously preserved.

Unfortunately, the arch enemy of man and his cohorts have chosen to change this divine order on earth by making humans believe that there subsist a higher state of equality possible on earth where, all sorts of profanity is practised and anyone can assume un-natural roles.

However, God in His divine capacity sees all men as equal because he knows their ends from the beginning. He knows that irrespective of your role on planet earth,”it is appointed unto men once to die,…and after this, the judgement”. This makes him see all men as equal. But, He didn’t create them to play equal role on earth.

EQUALITY IS BEFORE GOD AND NOT BETWEEN MEN. Hence, He gave each being unique capacity and the world can not exist in peace without such varying diversity.

The ancient enemy knows this and seeks to upturn divinity by enthroning internal social crisis in the psyche of men. Our inequality is the basis of our dependence which is the bedrock of our united social order and continued coexistence. He knows that our unity in diversity possible in an equitable world would create a blissful world. He also know that equality is a vain pursuit as it is divisive, anti social, anti God and anti Christ.

Take a look again at a world where men also get pregnant. Children are equal to Mothers, so they fend for themselves. Everyone is an engineer, doctor, farmer, president at the same time. No one respect or listen to the other afterall, we are all equal. We are all leaders and subjects at the same time. Just imagine the chaos and impossibility to progress. That is exactly the insinuations of EQUALITY theorists. And it vehemently threaten the social sanctity of generation next.

Today, we can chose a greater cause in pursuit of EQUITY in a fair and socially just world where every child is provided an optimal environment to actualise their genetic potential, irrespective. And that is the dream of those with GoldenHearts!

Adapted from: “In pursuit of EQUALITY: echoes of an EQUITY mind!” By Dr. Abraham Idokoko (c)2011. Wiseab Publications, Lagos, Nigeria.