The truth is running away to safe havens in Europe and American and criticizing from there is a disservice to generation next. And it high time learned Nigerians put their integrity and life at stake in a concerted revolutionary movement to regain Nigeria back from these emperors. Otherwise, the lamentation about Nigeria is just beginning.

Thy Glory O' Nigeria..!

By Adeola Aderounmu

If I had any doubts before, it’s all gone now. It doesn’t matter that I have stated this fact before-that Nigeria is (probably) the most corrupt country in the world.

I don’t care what the Transparency International rating of Nigeria says. I am too convinced in my heart and soul that Nigeria is the MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

In that country Nigeria, many known thieves (popularly called politicians) are parading the landscape free. What is agonizing about the Nigerian situation is that the thieves, criminals and looters are known. They are popular among Nigerians. It is not as if money went missing and they are trying to trace the money. The point is Nigerians know who has stolen the money but they do nothing to bring about any form of justifiable prosecution.

There are uncountable number of probes in Nigeria that are under the carpets…

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