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First, listen to the argument presented in this video:

Video credit: ©A Viral Thread video: Suing the school system.

Many of his arguments posited in the above video may not be plausible but, he is right about school!!

Absolutely, I endorse education, “customized education” as the key to socioeconomic emancipation of all people, that is, an education where humans are allowed to LEARN, unlearn and relearn freely rather than being TAUGHT what they can know, what they must be and will be. Evidence abounds that schools emerged as an attempt to restrict specific knowledge to those whom the privileged class select and approve of. It was never intended to be the place where everyone get the desired knowledge and skills they wished to acquire rather, schools are designed to be systematic brainwashing institutions organized in modules where education (knowledge & skills) is rationed, dictated and limited to whatever is approved by the oligarchy, who usually would not act in the best interest of all except forced to. 

I am all pro-education as it is the single most effective means of mass socio-economic progress but, i have never been a fan of schooling because i learnt quite very early in life that school is a legal attempt to moderate and limit learning.It is an established fact that knowledge is not acquired by rot memorization of what is but, by asking questions about what is not. It is questions and not answers that create knowledge. But, the school system is structured to reward and certify good memorizers and give little or no credit to those who question the status quo. Everyone knows this is a mechanism to quiet dissent in the real world in order to make the population more easily oppressable and malleable for the powerful few.

Historical records and current evidence shows that life’s trail blazers are people who break ranks to view things differently, self-acquire skills and knowledge beyond what school teaches. Typically, school will say there are two sides to a coin but that is NOT true {don’t worry if you didn’t know that, it is not your fault, it is school}. If you see it differently and don’t agree with your teacher, you are said to be incorrect and tagged a failure when actually, you may be right. School says your teacher must know it first for you to learn it and if he doesn’t or chooses not to understand or like what you know, you must be learning the wrong things.

No two humans should be subjected to the same test tools to prove their abilities. That is what school examinations do. That leads to one and only one thing, unfair classification of humans and societal discrimination, that some humans are more equal than the others. People should be evaluated on basis of their differing abilities and fascinations rather than a broad spectrum scale that fits all.

School rates a person who understand physics and chemistry as more intelligent and valuable than the one who knows commerce and history. That’s an illusion. And more so, if the person understand the subject so well but cannot express it in a particular language (usually English in our setting) then, he/she is not acceptable talk less of being acknowledged to know. Really??? I can imagine if i am asked to express my current knowledge in German, Hebrew or Russian, i will definitely look so dumb. Yet, some of the world’s best research contribution to knowledge were done in those languages but, Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge will consider me not qualified if i am educated only in those languages. That’s school for you!!

School has killed dreams, limited abilities, enhanced discrimination and murdered creativity in an attempt to streamline all humans to a system easier to be ruled and regulated by the oligarch. In the real world, a certificate from school signed by the ruling class or their designate qualify you first and foremost for most societal/industrial position irrespective of your tendencies, interest, fascination, knowledge, abilities or skills. Quite a replica of the fact that possessing the “blue” blood authorises you to be king no matter your attributes. While much progress may have happened around rulership over the decades, absolutely nothing has changed about schooling intent and methodologies.

Today, everyone run after school certification ONLY that only enslave them further to the strings and dictates of the oligarchy. Acquiring true education on the other hand remains the most effective pill for socioeconomic freedom and emancipation for any people. Ignorance of this truth is why billions around the world cut corners, cheat, bribe and do practically anything to acquire school certificate without putting needed efforts to possessing the associated knowledge and skills. Only for them to get into the real world and painfully find out that they are only dispensable tools in the hands of government and merchant owners of businesses, some of whom did not acquire school certification before setting themselves free by self acquistion of knowledge and skills to conceive, build and run their own empires. I am sure you must have observed that many super rich and powerful people do not struggle as hard as the less of the people to acquire school certificates. They settle for the essential knowledge and skills they need first and may “buy” the school certificate later for honorary purposes because they know very well that schooling is not the same thing as education.

As beautiful as the processes of schooling are, they are apparently more of an organised attempt to box-in creativity, innovation and inventiveness in any human to yield a skillfully orchestrated model human glorified more on the basis of his certification by school rather than his originality in knowledge and skills. Little wonder that the greatest invention do not happen in the classroom or school laboratories but in the industries, private laboratories, on the streets, etc. A development that has led to this popular phrase in problem solving: “think outside the box”. Actually, this is an assault on school, everyone knows that you cannot reason exactly the way school asked you to and expect to solve real life problems. When you are asked to think outside the box, it is actually a directive to dump those certification of yours and get yourself true education. Haven’t you noticed that real industries prefer candidates that have not only acquired school certification but, have had some exposure to “industrial training” afterwards. Most professional bodies today will not issue you a practising licence without some period of internship or “IT” in the industry. Now, why is one year or less of industrial exposure more valuable than 4-7years of schooling? It is a testament to abundant evidence that school is antithesis to learning but, exist as a veritable instrument of societal stratification. In whose benefit is this system?? Today, the best schools in the world are those that have been able to integrate a significant amount of industrial training exposure to regular school curriculum. Meaning, a strict school curriculum/training is not good enough in real life.

The good news is: the idea of schooling is not ALL bad. It is the intent, methodologies, structure and dogmas that need revamping in the interest of human progress!!

Sadly, the school system won’t change anytime soon, at least, not in our lifetimes. And that leaves us with the one thing each and everyone can change in the now, and that is the education of your own offspring. Don’t make the mistake of equating that to sending them to school. Schools will box them in but, you have in your power, the privilege of preventing your children’s education from being dictated by the school they attend. Yes, you can unbridle the standard for their lifetime quest to learn, unlearn and relearn. That’s education!!

JUST BEFORE YOU GO, please, have a further look at what i opined about school sometime back in a recorded conversation dated May 15th, 2015.

I did expressed then that “…however, ignorance secondary to aliteracy or illiteracy is the mother and perpetuating factor for ‘extreme poverty’ every where it is seen globally. And the fear of violence from criminal mafia gangs aided by corrupt ineffective governments is the major reason for inaction by the oppressed people, which is the perpetuating factor for perennial poverty…” Abraham Idokoko 2015

Dear reader, ignorance secondary to aliteracy or illiteracy is not about formal European style schooling certification. It’s NOT about being able to read and write in English or French or Spanish. Neither is it all about getting certified by the ruling oligarchy or their designate that you have knowledge. No, not at all.

I know tens of individuals who had non of those bogus certification or schooling but, were socioeconomically well-informed, extensively knowledgeable and did live effectively to the extent of ruling their societies.

Make no mistake, European style schooling is just a mass therapy for general ignorance in the community and was ab initio meant to help make the people easier to ruled by the emperors and make them more aligned with the goals of the ruling class whom they work for after graduation. It’s just that the unintended consequences has been the few who become emancipated and join the ruling class. Otherwise, it is an effective mass brain washing system. You can ask the North Koreans and ex-soviet citizens, they know this well. So, I don’t consider going through expensive European education as the ONLY pill to stamp out ignorance. In fact, many schooled people are highly ignorant of the workings of society.

What do they teach us in schools? Have you ever look objectively at the content of school curriculum? Nothing in there to encourage the individual to think for themselves. You are to learn the rules as written and you pass for proving you learnt them as taught. Questioning status quo is usually frowned at. Everything there is meant to make you a better servant of government or the ruling class.

So, don’t mix the idea of the educational/school system with the deep ignorance associated with the extremely poor people. They are parallel in many instances. Most of the world’s poorest people live on top of massive natural resources but, are so ignorant about what, how and which way to turn their resources to wealth. Usually, outsiders sees this, comes in, exploit them, build criminal mafia among the people to keep them perpetually unable to fight back…, that’s the reality of the worlds extremely poor.

However, mass schooling as funded and controlled by government remain the most suitable approach to fighting general ignorance but, the curriculum need to be reviewed, ripped of the master-slave model it is modelled after, redesigned to accommodate multiple  become more people-oriented rather than governance-oriented. Thank you!!

Video Credit: ??source. This  video shows exactly why your confidence that what you were taught in class or read in textbooks is the only reasoning that there is. Another fault of the school/educational system. They make us believe there is ONLY ONE ACCEPTABLE WAY of doing things but, more often than not, that’s half truth.

For quite a long time, i have come to question everything i am told in class or see in textbooks and find there is almost always another way/explanation, that’s equally valid and practicable in reality depending on where you chose to look at it from.That’s exactly the reasoning that makes “supposed bad guys” always able to beat the scientific world and school system on anything. The school (western) education system is apparently a mass attempt at making/organising society/people to think one way like Zombies. A revolutionary paradigm shift is inevitable to make the school system truly liberating.