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Contemporary trends has forced us to begin to re-evaluate the premium natural position of women in our society in the light of the gender equality and women emancipation propaganda particularly, as it affects the vital, unremunerated work that women must continue to render to our children and homes to keep the society progressive.

As genuine as the quest for equity among all humans is, unguarded promotion of gender equality instead of equity has driven more women than ever before to abandone their traditional, irreplaceable role in the moulding of their children in pursuit of economic empowerment and career jobs.

It is common knowledge that the mother-child relationship is the highest possible model of practical love relationship on earth. It is that relationship that truly defines love as it is meant to be. Mothers are the only workers who work happily for free for their “masters” throughout life without ever demanding remuneration or seek the role reversal.

Make no mistakes, the “master” here is not her husband or any other person. The master is her child. Literally, mothers are the errand runners for their children for a lifetime. Yes, they actually run the errands while their children defines the goals and dictate the pace. Sounds incredible?? If you ever had a good mother, take some moment to ruminate on her life and moments with reference to you. They do not just run errands for their children, they command every other in their household, including her husband, to do the same.

There is no school for motherhood. The skills are natural and need not necessarily be learnt in classes.Which makes motherhood the only profession that do not require any school certification or apprenticeship to practice. While there maybe a lot of academic writing about how to be a parent or mother, real mothers know that the job of parenting, mothering a child can’t be copied from books. It’s instinctive and that makes it priceless.

In this picture: Pa. U. I. Idokoko (upper-left), Mrs. Victoria A. Idokoko, nee Oyasor (middle and lower-left) and Maureen A. Idokoko (Upper-right). They are all wonderful people, great minds of blessed memory. ©Abraham Idokoko. All rights reserved.

Putting it all in perspective, fathers are the employers, the chair of the board that search for the woman suitable for the job of being mother to his offsprings and wife/chief assistant to him. He does the interview on behalf of his yet to be born children. Employs her ceremoniously or otherwise in an event called the wedding where she is introduced to a new life called marriage during which she live and work in a place called home. Once the fathers makes this appointment, more often than not, it is for a lifetime. Irrespective of her performance in her wife roles, it is very likely that she will retain her job position in that home essentially because of her irreplaceable role as mother to the children.

In other words, while we may have overwhelmingly extolled the place of motherhood in this article, fathers must realise that their importance is unquestionable and non negotiatiably superior in the hierarchichal order of family and society. This is so because in any functional home, good fathers are at the strategic level along with their wives, who link the ideals of the strategic father with realities of the tactical and operational level of family function. Conflicts usually arises when either the father fails to bring the wife into the strategic board or when the woman chooses to overthrow the board chairmanship of the man. Fathers appoint the mothers, approve and evaluate her performances and receive the ultimate glory for her successes as a wife, mother and member of society. I suppose that suffice for men to continue to encourage and support that their wives and daughters lead a successful life as mothers beyond any other pursuit. 

Indeed, mothers are priceless.!!

NB: the word “mother” and “motherhood” in this article can be replaced with the word “parent” and “parenthood”, respectively. The writer (Dr. Abraham Idokoko) implied that in the conception of this article.

This article is dedicated to all mothers but, specifically to the sweet memories of my dearest mother, my best friend, the most courageous woman to ever live, a true amazon, Mrs. Victoria Alimoh Idokoko (nee Oyasor). She left to be with her Lord on Saturday, January 21st, 2012 but, her legacies lives on!!