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This post was made in response to a Facebook post by Uzo Azara, which led to some interesting conversation and expression of view points. Uzo Azara said in his post and i quote:

I don’t think many religious people take it as an offense to say they’re unintelligent, though. Like, that’s their forte. They’ll say Jesus was a common carpenter , and Peter and the rest were fishermen. Religion is where the uneducated can assume a stance of importance – look at T.B Joshua and a number of other Pastors. These are guys that on a good day can’t be allowed into certain circles because they can’t contribute anything intellectually valuable. But they are demigods and highly revered in their circle. Religion is the uneducated man’s arsenal against the intelligentisia. Also, religion is the tool used by  some mischievous elite to  constantly con the poor and uneducated and keep them constantly servile.

In response, Obiora Okechukwu made the following comment and i quote in his own words:

“To say these men are not intelligent is sheer nonsense. I may disagree with many men of god and what they say,  but lack of intelligence is what I’d never put on many of them. Even if we follow your logic and call them con men,; are con men and women really unintelligent? Or maybe,  you need to explain again what intelligence is.

And by the way,  not contributing anything intellectually is hardly a crime you’d put squarely on religious leaders (although that’s also sheer nonsense,  as many priest were actively involved in the foundation of science). Majority of what passes as scientific papers even till today do not contribute anything intellectually, and in some worse cases, they may even have iatrogenic effects.  So as one interested in science and knowledge,  that worries me,  should worry you too,  more than priests whose job specification does not include knowledge production.”

Impressed by the above response from Obiora Okechukwu , i thanked him while making the following additions:

@Uzo Azara: While religion is one of the biggest tool being exploited by humans to oppress one another, it does not suffice to ridicule the institution in the name of criticism. Religion is as existential to man as life. You had better imagined a world full of humans without any sense of accountability to a God someday.

Yes, many wars have been fought in the name of religion but, it can’t compare to what man would do to man if there was no God or religion or morals. If it was all about school based education, the US and Europe would have been crime free by now.

Bad people exploit religion just like they do with race. I hope you are not going to blame our differences in skin colour for the cruelty man has melted out to each other in the name of racism. Do you wish all humans had same skin colour? And what skin colour would that have been, anyway? For instance, i do not wish to be white skinned, neither do i think whites are inferior to me. The world is a more beautiful place with people of different colour. That is what is see but, someone else see that as a reason to be cruel. Whose fault, skin colour or the depraved mind??

Come to think of it, Is it really the skin colour that stimulate racism or the depravity of a brainwashed mind thinking he/she is better than another human. As much as i decry white racism against black people for example, I have come to know that black racism against themselves is more cruel in practice. We call it tribalism or ethnicism but, it is racism.

Now, back to religion. Yes, it is true that many bad religious leaders are out there in every religion exploiting the people in the name of one god or the other. Yet, i do not think the fault lies with the leaders, it is the people who likes the deception they get. People love mysticism, lies, magic, etc. And make no mistake, schooling doesn’t change this instinct in man. Going to school only changes the source of deception that you prefer. Why do you drink alcohol for example?? You know very well that the feeling/mood alcohol gives is not real yet, you indulge again and again, despite all known available scientific and non scientific warnings. What does that says about intellectual capacity and the nature of man’s behaviour?? The relationship is definitely not linear.

Evidence abound that many of the most intelligent people in the world come from the religious circle. In fact, most of the succesful religious leaders i know are highly intelligent and schooled people. Being religious has nothing to do with intelligence. It is all about the nature of man. Whether you accept it or not, the human is not just a physical/biological being. Life will be meaningless if that’s all we were. Humans are spiritual beings and that part of our nature operates supra-intelligence. #JustMyViewThough, as usual.

Then came Chinedu Atuchukwu, who said the following:

@Abraham,I agree with most of what you’ve said,but would you say religion has held humanity back from destroying ourselves even more? By your conclusions then ‘more liberal/atheist’ countries should be the more war-ravaged/greedy/corrupt ones. Look Abraham,every human has a consciousness of what is essentially good or bad ,religion however added to it-fornication,homosexuality,not touching ‘God’s’ alleged anointed, alcohol consumption and hating jews et al.

And i did respond in the following manner:

@Chinedu Atuchukwu: As much as i recognize the harm that usurpers of religion has perpetuated, I equally know the invaluable contribution religion has made to civilization, progress and development, today and in history. I will advise you separate pure religion from politicization of religion. The latter is the problem and the former.

I like your question though. Like you said, Yes, every human has a “consciousness” of what is good or bad? But, where exactly would that consciousness come from?? By that, you just substantiated the fact that all humans have minds and that mind is called spirit by religion. And control of that consciousness/mind/spirit of humans is supra-intellectual.

That explains why consciousness of good and bad alone hasn’t made people chose good. In the first place, your liberalism opposes the idea of good and bad. In liberalism, it’s all relative, you know, no absolutes, depends how you look at it and in whose lens.

In that case, where exactly are the examples of atheist/liberal/anti-religious/a-moral countries that atheism has helped become great, safer and better countries?? I hope you are not carried away by anti-religious media propaganda.

Many countries today where liberalism has become popular were built, structured and is being maintained by their core religious morals and drive of the founding fathers. Don’t forget that liberalism was borne due to the freedom of religion mantra promoted and accommodated by certain religion, not atheism or communism.

According to an Austrian Zoologists, Konrad Lorenz, innate aggressive drives are responsible for human beings’ frequent recourse to warfare. And the Holy Bible repeatedly affirm that the heart/mind/consciousness of man is desperately wicked, who can know it. And i am sure if you put bias aside, you will agree that uncontrolled man is unpredictably dangerous.

Till date, no other regimen has proven effective in the mass control and rehabilitation of the human mind more than religion. Schooling, Laws and their strict enforcement has varying degree of failure in this respect in every society. You may need to do a quick survey today among people around you, ask them for the most important reason they aren’t killing their annoying neighbour just yet. You will be amazed it is not about fear of law enforcement but, an inner struggle in their minds of the implication of killing another human.

It is in building and control of that consciousness, that religion takes prime place as a tool for regulating human behaviour. Nothing makes humans more contrite or sober than religion or the idea of God watching from above in 3D.

Mind you, there is nothing like liberalism in any supposedly communist states. They only replaced mainstream religion/god by making the “state” their religion. From USSR to Cuba to Communist China and even North Korea, which of these countries has enviable human rights status or accommodated liberalism? And which of them made any substantial progress in human development until they accommodated some level of religious freedom for their people. Most of the citizens of former USSR are either orthodox Christians or Muslims; Cubans are Catholics; Most Chinese are traditionalist, Buddhist, Christians and Muslims in their supposedly atheist country.

No nation or people in history has thrived sustainably without subscription to some form of religion. Humans are and will always be inherently religious, naturally seeking the divine, mystical, spiritual or God. #JustMyViewThough, as usual.

And there comes this news titled “Nurse gets sacked for discussing Christianity and offering to pray with her patients in the UK”. The brief details reported that, Sarah Kuteh, a nurse with 15 years’ experience has been sacked after discussing Christianity and offering to pray with patients before operations.

Again, Uzo Azara reacted saying,

People no dey hear word. Like, would Christians welcome it if Atheists start going all around trying to make them believe God doesn’t exist? Like, ‘hey, Ngozi, let me tell you about someone special who I think actually doesn’t exist. God’. I’m sure they’d lash out and gang up against said Atheist till he loses his job. Some would even welcome misfortune unto him. It’s time now for my favorite quote: “Religion is like a dick. You don’t go around in public whipping it in people’s faces.

At reflex, i responded thus:

But, is it alright if she discussed politics, celebrity gossip and sports with her patient?? You would probably accomodate that as long as she is not imposing her views or discriminating against her patient on account of her views.

Religion is part of the life of most people in the world and it is an issue very important to them. I don’t see anything wrong with anyone offering to discuss a part of their life with another person after asking for permission.

What should be wrong is if she continue to discuss that topic when the patient says he/she is not interested. And that is what should be unprofessional and punishable. Not the idea that religion is some illegal topic that should not be mentioned in public.

You all can continue to deceive yourselves. As much as we know that religious fundamentalism is causing problems globally, our world will not be a better place without it. #JustMyViewThough, as usual.

Of course, i didn’t conclude my response without adding the following:

..and on a lighter note, Uzo Azara, Facebook is a public place, and you are right here whipping your anti-religious views on my face, and that is OK, right??

I will cap this conversation with a remark John Glenn  made when he returned to space in 1998, despite the misgivings of his wife, he said in a news conference from orbit: “To look out at this kind of creation out here and not believe in God is to me impossible.” 

DISCLAIMER: This post is just a chronicle of some friendly conversations between persons with open minds on a social media portal which i thought will be interesting read for other persons. No other intentions is implied by this post. Thank you.