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Yes, there are many impressive description of time out there but, none truly define what time is per se. The best we have is some way to “scientifically” measure and apportion time in relation to spatial/stellar phenomenons.

I like one of the concept of time in physics & geometry, where it is described as the “4th dimension”, which ultimately determines the position of anything in the physical universe where all known matter is thought to exist. Everything known to man is limited by time except the idea of “God”.

Like for every other thing man cannot explain, we go philosophical and i tend to subscribe to the religious perspective that “God” who was before time, and is now, and shall be after time, must be the illusion of “time” that we may never decipher as humans, limited by time itself. Apparently, an object limited by time cannot unravel time.
Even in our attempt to measure time, man has been humbled to know that time has no smallest unit or highest possible unit. The smallest fraction of time we can measure is limited by the capacity of instrument we have at any point in time. Somehow, man has tried to go as far back in time as possible and has found our concept of time itself to be timeless. We can’t get behind time and there seem to be no point in the past when time was zero and looking into the future, time will never end…

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The religious books like the Bible that attempt to record the beginning, it only affirm that there was something before the beginning. At the beginning God created, that is what the Bible says. Meaning, that God was before that beginning. So, if there was God before the beginning, so creation wasn’t the beginning. So, time started before the beginning. Infact, science seem to think that Biblical creation occurred about just some six thousand years ago. Evolution and archaeology says the universe has existed for billions of years. So, the beginning of time must be that thing that was before the beginning of recorded history. Recorded history says God was at the beginning and He created. Then, God must be the beginning of time. He is time. God is time.!

No wonder, the Holy Scriptures calls God, “the beginning and the end”. SELAH..!!

..and when they say life is time and vice versa. They are equally right. Without prejudice to what evolution theorist has to say, God is the source of all life. And if life is God’s and God is time, life can be described in terms of time. Life is time.!

Again, these are #JustMyViewsThough, as usual, without prejudice to your own views.

Here is a 3rd party Facebook conversation about the concept of time and see what people have to say. Enjoy it.!!