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In a facebook post Question, Nancy Okojie asked and I quote: “..Do you seriously, from the depth of your heart, believe in karma? That evil would always happen to those who do evil and good, to those who do good?..”
IN RESPONSE, I made the following explanation:
Let’s put it in historical context: Sodom and Gomorrah on the one hand, Nineveh on the other. Isaac on the one hand and Ishmael on the other. Jacob here and Esau over there. The white colonialist on the one hand, African slaves on the other, etc. What role did karma play in all of those??
Now, Karma is best explained as the vindictive wish of the unregenerated, vulnerable mind. More succinctly put, Karma is half-truth served as opium for a wounded heart.
While there seem to be instances where an incidental occurrence is explainable by past actions, overwhelming evidence from inspired trend analysis shows that more often than not, what happens and do not happen in real life is dictated by “the forces” that was, and is and will forever be in charge of life until this “movie” ends.
The world can be likened to one big movie written and being directed by “the maker”. The end he already knows and everything is made to work towards that end. And he has casted all humans to be either actors or passersby to complete each scene of life. As usual, what happens to the extras in a scene is not part of the movie story, they are usually edited out or left as they have no consequences. But, whatever happens or do not happen to the actors has definite consequences guaranteed to be unveiled in the next scene.
Again, Karma is based on the generalization that to every action under the sun [life scene] there will be consequences in due course [next scene]. Yes, that’s half truth because the consequences depend on the story line as written, your role in the last scene [actors or extra] and the flexibility [mercy – creativity – good intentions] of the director of life.
Meaning that while the actions or inactions of an actor is guaranteed consequences in the next scene of life, same can not be said of the actions or inactions of the extras. Infacts, some extras just get deleted after that scene and that is it. For example, if you get caught as a civilian in the middle of the War in Syria, you are just a casualty, mere collateral damage, sadly. You may not even get a decent burial talkless of a future revenge because you got killed. Infact, the person who launched the bomb that killed you may never know he killed anybody like you, sadly.
Lesson is: In life, whatever scene you find yourself [your family, community, religious work, professional work, etc], always strive to be an active participant because, only by that is what happens or do not happen to you guaranteed to elicit any possible “karma” consequences. And more importantly, it is important you have the courage to accept that if you not are not an active participant in any scene of life, you are just an extra, yes, an extra; and should anything happen to you thereby, it is very unlikely that there will ever be consequences, sadly.
In other words, don’t stand on the middle of a highway and get knock down by a rightfully speeding driver and expect karma to fight for you. Nope!!! Neither will you sit back like Esau, allow Jacob have your birthright and expect Karma to fight for you. Nor will you assume because Nineveh is as bad as Sodom, it will surely be destroyed same way as Gomorrah.
In reality, Jacob the supplanter might repent and become Israel, a powerful nation till this day. Nineveh can repent to avert destruction. 
All because “the maker” knows exactly why he will show mercy unto whom he will show mercy to and destroy whom he will destroy, not necessarily because of their actions/inactions but because that is His plan from the beginning.
My dear, Fear God [not karma] and keep His commandment for this is the whole duty of man.
NB: the above views are not in anyway exhaustive in perspective but, they are absolutely #JustMyViewsThough,  as usual.