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Today, the BBC reported the apparent exit of Carles Puigdemont from his dream republic’s territory, amidst existential crisis at home in the article titled: “Catalan independence: Carles Puigdemont in Belgium, lawyer says”. Click this link to read the BBCnews article- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-41811649

Is #Carles #Puigdemont being a #coward.? Is he a run-away warrior.??

You may say that but, I don’t think so.!

I have watched most of Carles’ actions closely, during the pro-independence campaigns, the “outlawed” votes, and after the votes. Clearly, this man isn’t timid. He is seemingly avoiding what many secessionist leaders and even troubled head of states like #Gadaffi, #Assad, et al refused to avoid. And that is #war, #death of innocent people & destruction of centuries-old properties/valuables.

Should Carles had declared independence immediately after that October 1st vote, #Spain that didn’t have anything to lose anymore at that point had a ready force to go in, attempt to arrest and start a potential war. He did the smart job of declaring & suspending the independence of Catalonia at the same time, allowed some time for nerves to cool off, then motivated the legislation to declare by vote after #Spain was heading for the jugular. Again, to avoid chaos, he has left the country to avoid the obvious. Unlike #Abiola MKO, #Puigdemont decided to go form his government outside, stay alive, ganner some international support, and hopefully continue to struggle to actualize his goals.

I somewhat disagree with views saying this guy is like #Kanu of #IPOB. The two have nothing in common from every angle. This guy is actually managing all the provocations coming from Madrid effectively, slowing down aggression and ensuring no one is being foolishly killed.! He has zero international support, he recognizes what that means and he is smartly navigating it.

He isn’t perfect, as expected. But, there is so much to #learn from his approach. I am #learning. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds eventually. He may not get independence but, Catalonia hasn’t lost much yet. Neither has Madrid won anything.

This has unfolded and still unfolding as a sensible, non-violent approach to a genuine struggle for self determination. #Madrid almost played to the gallery when they attempted force on election day but, took caution from resulting global uproar. #Governments across the globe have a lot to learn from that, too.! No single army was deployed in all of this instances, neither was there any such threat of use of military force openly. If it were some people in my country, military #Pythons will not only dance, #crocodile airforce would have been singing too.

Irrespective of your school of thought, you will agree that events unfolding in #Barcelonia provides a real time experiment of one way genuine right to self determination can be peacefully pursued, while the state’s responsibility to protect her sovereign territory can be done without any life lost.

Invariably, the long held import of excessive use of force by any party to achieve political ends is being technically destroyed by this Spain vs. Catalonia example. It is apparent that no matter the political ends to be justified, the means do not necessarily have to include lethal use of force on agigating population or their leadership.

May the spirit of learning “fall on” us all, like a popular hip-hop art has popularised in his recent trail blazer.