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It is acclaimed that the manufacturer is in the best place to define the purpose and function [duty] of a creation. When applied to the most intellectually advanced creation, human beings, that supposition is painstakingly true.

The idea that humans were NOT created but evolved from lower animals that evolved from nothing is as stupid as saying Aeroplanes were never created. That they evolved naturally from cars that evolved bicycles that evolved from nothing. So, we won’t be talking about the “theoretically evolved man that exist only in the evolutionist mind”. Here, the subject is about the created man that has a maker.

Accordingly, like contemporary products, the creation of humans was accompanied with a manual from the maker called the “Holy Scriptures”. This divine document, that invariably contain the essence of a human, is expressed in various volumes and versions in-use by diverse religions, traditions and people , with attendant different name tags.

However, for the purpose of further elucidation here, we will restrict our reference to the “Holy Bible”. Consequently, any use of the word “scriptures” or “holy scriptures” shall mean the “The Bible”. Be not disgruntled, the heart of this conversation is not proprietary to the choice of Scriptures.

Across divides, and within ranks, few existential subjects have been theologically paraphrased as the explanation of what exactly the duty of man is. As religious beings, generations of humans have relied on the supernatural to define their essence and duty. With due regards to all other existing religions, Christianity is one significant typology of the many adopted ways of life in contemporary times.

“#Christianity is a solemn #believe in #God & #humanity”.

Not in part but, the whole. [Don’t panic, I said that correctly].

The former is the first & greatest #commandment, the latter is like unto the first, saith the Holy Scriptures. #Amen.

It is alright if you scream: What are you saying, Mr.? As for me, I believe ONLY in God. Human beings are very wicked, how could you say I should believe in humanity? Didn’t God say the heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it? Infact, the Holy Scriptures declare woe unto them that put their trust in man.

Well, you are not far from the truth, hold on a little, let’s examine this together.

Why this clarification?

In contemporary times, the tag “#Christian” has been projected to assume as many definitions as there are people, groups or denominations. So much so that many now say, we love your Christ but, these people called Christians leave far too much to be desired.

Moreso, in recent times, people question why I profess to believe in humanity when I am supposed to be Christian, not #humanist. What is incontrovertible, however, is that the term “Christian” literally means “being like #Jesus, the #Christ” of Nazareth, as was first used in Antioc Acts 26:28 by King Agrippa unto Paul, according to available records.

Now, what exactly did Christ Jesus do, believe, preach and practice?

What principles did Jesus establish and live on earth? What were guarding core of His redemption and restoration mission?

Interestingly, He didn’t leave you to figure it out. He summarised it Himself for you.

Jesus said.., thou [you] shalt #love the Lord thy [#GOD] with all thy #heart, and with all thy #soul, and with all thy #mind.., and thy #neighbour [#HUMANITY] as thyself.

Matthew 22:37-40; Mark 12:30,31; Luke 10:27,28.

There is none other commandment greater than these. Upon these two hangs all the laws and the prophets.

Mr. Preacher, don’t confuse me, He said “love”, not “believe”. That’s an excellent observation. I said it before that you are very close to the truth.

My dear friend, you cannot love what you don’t believe in. Believing is the begining of love. I hope it is becoming clear why you have been unable to love your neighbor as yourself. How would you when you don’t seem to think or believe in him/her as a wonderful creature of God, just like yourself.

How could you possibly love God, whom you have never seen [physically] when you can’t love your neighbour [a snapsot of the likeness and image of God]. I didn’t make that up, Jesus Christ said God is a Spirit, and they that worship Him, will do so in spirit and in truth. And the scriptures record in Genesis 1:26-30; 2:7, that God knowing He is a spirit, and wouldn’t be seen by physical man, took a snapshot of Himself, and made man, in his likeness and exact image, male and female made He them.

Therefore, the next time you desire to see God physically, don’t travel to any wilderness or holy land. All you need do is pull your window screen aside, look out there in your neighbourhood or just a good look around where you are. Try it now. If you did, you will see a human being.

Ahaa, that person you see in your neighbourhood is the image and likeness of God [except you don’t believe the Bible]. But, he/she is a sinner. Good, that was why Jesus Christ had to die for his/her sins to redeem his/her soul but, his/her spirit/life/being came from God. If Jesus Christ who died for His/Her sins hasn’t condemned him/her yet, why should you.? As soon as the grace of God that bringeth salavation appears to him/her, she will be saved. Likewise, you were conceived in sin too until grace found you. Do you have any other but.?

Hhhhmmm, a songwriter wrote: open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see you. Actually, the Lord said in scriptures that if you have seen my people, whom I created in my image, and made the ultimate sacrifice for their redemption, you have seen me. Whatever you would like to do for me, do it for the people.

Now, until and after a human gets saved from sin, the Lord God Almighty, whom you believe and love, commands you this day, as a Christian, to love that human being, as yourself. It is a commandment, not an admonition, not a choice. And when you do good unto him or her, you have done it unto the Lord. Oohh, these are hard sayings. Can’t you say it nicely? Alright, let’s put it this way, believe in, love that supposed “bad guy/girl/man/woman” on your street as yourself. Aaaahhh, they can harm me. That’s not news or any excuse. Hasn’t that been the reward of doing good since the beginning? Start from Abel and Cain & stop with our Lord Jesus Christ. What did you notice?

Are you still here.?

Yes preacher but, you are missing a point. You don’t know my kind of neighbours. They are all very wicked, hardened sinners, pretenders, citizens of hell fire, occultic, witches, etc. Infact, they should all fall down and die, ten thousands on my left and a million on the right. The God of Elisha, answer by fire, consume all the worshippers of Baals in my neighborhood.

Somehow, the more of such prayers going on in the cathedrals, the more wickedness blossom in the land. By statistics, the ways of the kingdom of the devil seem to be growing astronomically, relative to the expansion of Christian values. Why?

It might have something to do with fact that the church attendance is growing in numbers but, the proportion of “Christians” in the church hasn’t. The scriptures is very clear that God is NOT interested in the death of the wicked but, that they may come unto repentance. And Jesus spake expressly that the weeds and thares will be allowed to grow together until the very end. Your job as a Christian, a Watchman, is to warn the wicked, love them, show them the way of salvation. Perhaps, they might repent and come unto repentance.

Maybe you are thinking God refused to answer your prayers to kill your wicked neighbours or your neighbours are too powerful to die from your prayers? You might be praying Amis but whatever the premise, it is true however that from generation to generation, evil has increased in the land of the living. What is called “evil” may have upgraded style and version or changed name over time with amazing sophistication but, evil doers remain.

So, you say my neighbours are always trying to hurt me. And the scriptures says we should NOT be unequally yoke together with unbelievers. Hence, I would rather love my fellow church brother or sister that are as sanctimonious as myself. As in, I will conveniently do good to those of us matching to heaven, who apparently saved themselves, and not by grace. Well, Jesus Christ never said your neigbour won’t hurt you when you love them. In fact, he promised that they would do worse unto you than they did unto Him. Yeah, the people persecuted and hanged Him for loving them.

Now, Mr. Preacher, hold it there. That wouldn’t be my portion. “I cannot come and go and kill myself, for wetin now, abegiii”. As for me, I want to quietly, carefully, “wickedly”, “selfishly” worship my God and go to heaven with my household. I don’t want to have anything to do with the people God created in His own image, and came down Himself to die for, on the cross of Calvary. That’s exactly my point, Jesus already died for them, why should I kill myself for people again. I don’t want to die a foolish death because of wicked people. Afterall, the Bible says we should be wise like a serpent.

Let’s finish the last quote, the same verse that says you should be wise like a serpent, also says you must be harmless like a dove. Don’t chose one without the other, otherwise you can’t be Christian. Yes, you can be angry at their sin or wickedness but, you must NOT sin in your anger. Really.? Yes, it is in your Bible too. Cherry picking what commandment to believe and which part of Christianity to practice is the bane of the global ridicule of whom and what we believe as Christians.

Remember, we are talking about being like Christ, being a Christian. As in, being like the Jesus who being a Jew, drank from a Samaritan woman by the well, protected the adulterous woman from legally valid death, fed the 5,000 without collecting offering [seed & tithe for his logistics], employed Judas Iscariot even when he knew his antecedents, etc; and that didn’t stop him from healing the sick, raising dead and preaching the judgement of God on unrepentant sinners. Yes, he said woe unto the Scribes and Pharisees but, fed them when they were hungry. Went in among them without CIA & FBI as security guards to teach them and heal their sick. At the end, what was his reward, He got crucified by the same people, leaving us an example that we should follow in His full steps, as Christians.

Oh, you didn’t get the memo? Now, you know, every good person eventually dies. Usually, they die first, commonly killed by the wicked people they are trying to help or work in their favour. Then, you might say “I don’t want to be good”. That means you won’t be a Christian. O’ yes, Jesus Christ was a good man. Every account and record says He was a very good [perfect] man. So, you MUST BECOME A GOOD PERSON to be a Christian. But, I don’t want to die young or get killed. Well, Jesus Christ died very young, at age 33years. Hhhhmmm, do you still want to be like Christ.?

Actually, the fear of death is one of the basic attribute that must buried with the old man in a true Christian. That was why Jesus Christ had to die to prove to us that physical death cannot have power over he/she that is like Christ. You cannot place utmost value on your current life and be a Christian at the same time. No sir. I mean, Madame, you will have to lay down your life, then take up the cross and follow Christ, to become a Christian.

Are you saying I should commit suicide, kill myself.? No, Jesus Christ didn’t kill himself, so you shouldn’t. Laying down your life means losing the fear of physical death because you now know that to die [physically] is gain [in heaven] and to live [on earth] is Christ. Yes, a Christian should only be scared of the “second death”, that is, eternal separation from God in the lake which burneth with fire & brimstone.

A Christian replaces the pleasures of this life with the assurances of a glorious reign with Christ in eternity. If on earth only we have hope in Christ then, we are of all men most miserable, as Christians. That’s why a Christian effortlessly sets his/her affection on things above and not on things on the earth. The pleasures of this life becomes meaningless. In that sense, he/she becomes dead to this life, yet alive in Christ. #Amen. What a wonderful thing to live circumspect of the fact that your life is hid in Christ in God. You live with all confidence, and wake up every day in absolute peace, knowing it’s another day the Lord God has made to love Him and love humanity.

The life of Christ wasn’t a walkthrough the park, and that of a Christian wouldn’t be. It is written that they who follow Christ shall suffer persecution of men, not for their sin but, for being righteous. You will be hated for your uprightness. But, the scriptures says the Lord God will make all things work together for the good of them that love Him. And that the lines will fall unto me in pleasant places because I have a goodly heritage. Those are very correct and true but, don’t misinterprete them. The Lord will save you from the lions den like Daniel but, you would have to be thrown into the den for being righteous [not for being a thief] for that miracle to happen.

Truly, our God will be with you through the fires of life like the three Hebrew children but, that means the king of your land would be throwing you inside a furnace for being upright and distinctive [not corruption], for the Lord to deliver you same way. And you will have demonstrated your absolute believe in God and spoken boldly on behalf of his people, like the Hebrew children did. Such that they said, even if our God will NOT deliver us, we still be upright, serve Him and speak in favour of godliness in the land.

Definitely, the Lord is your shepherd, you shall NOT want. He will make you lie down in green pasture and prepare a table before you but, you should remember that is to happen in the presence of your enemies [so they aren’t dying yet but, can’t stop you either, as long as you are faithful to your God as a Christian].

The blessings, protection, delieverance are usually associated with your obedience to God’s commandment to believe in God [first], and Humanity, as well. If you don’t want to obey God’s commandment then, you aren’t Christian. And if your idea of God is how he can help you kill and destroy the people He created in his image then, you are practicing voodoo [wickedness], not Christianity.

Unequivocally, Christianity is a life of absolute obedience to God’s commandments, as written in the Holy Scriptures, and engraved in our hearts, by the Holy Spirit. There is no alternative version.

How did we get here?

Yes, we were talking about believing in humanity before the long explanatory notes. Of course, the point has been made: when you chose to be christ-like or Christian, you affirm to do and believe what Jesus Christ did and believe, not in part but, in full. And that is a solemn commitment to believe in God and in humanity.

It is not a choice, as a Christian, it is a commandment that you believe in fellow humans, enough to love them, as much as yourself. You cannot say you believe in God alone but, you are discriminatory and wicked to fellow humans, and you are a Christian. No, that’s NOT biblical Christianity.

Even God believe in humans, why should you NOT? First, He created humans in his own image and likeness, according to the scriptures, and granted humans absolute dominion over everything he created. You don’t give that level of authority to whom you don’t believe in. The scriptures in John 3:16 says: “..for God so love [believe in humans so much] the “world” that He gave..” And Jesus said, “if you love me, feed my sheep”.

Do you want to serve God.? You want to be like Christ Jesus? You want to be Christian? You must serve humanity. You don’t get to chose who? Not the good people ONLY, you are to love all that he created. Everyone that comes across you must feel like you are Christ.

A songwriter says let others see Jesus in you. Jesus Christ did NOT die for the good people ONLY. He loved even the thief on the cross beside Him, enough to grant him eternal life. I am not sure you understand that. He was being unjustly condemned to death but, on that same cross, he forgave sins and granted eternal life to the least deserving. That is the Jesus example.

Alright preacher, didn’t the scripture say we should do good to all men especially those in the household of faith. Isn’t that supposed to mean I should focus on my fellow church members? Very good point. Fair enough, you read the very first part before “especially”. Now, what that scriptures says is that your ministry as a Christian is primarily to all men [humans], without discrimination. But, on your way to feed all men on the streets, you should endeavour to feed the hungry in your household. That’s commonsense, right?

You can ask “great” preacher and leaders of Faith who have won millions of souls to Christ. They will tell you that their immediate family were NOT the first people they won to Christ. Many of them will attest that as soon as they received Christ, they reached out to their immediate families, as they moved on to their “Judaea, Samaria, and the uttermost part of the world”. They didn’t wait till all members of their immediate and extended family were converted to Christ before focussing on their primary mission to the world.

So, don’t use the scriptures to justify your selfish, discriminatory, wicked, biased desire to be good ONLY to those you know or know you, and can hopefully recompense your goodwill. That is the wisdom of the world, it is NOT Christianity.

There is no biblical basis for asking a hungry man if he is a worshipper at your denomination or attend your church, before you help him. From Genesis to Revelation, there is a consistent association between being godly [Christian] and being good to strangers, reaching out to the needy, and serving the needs of humanity. Be kindly affectioned one to another, says the Holy Scriptures. If you have a problem with that then, forget about carrying the “Christian” tag.

In that case, Mr. Preacher, keep this your version of Christianity, I have my own type that serves my interest. I love my life. Who wants to love wicked neighbours.?

Actually, there are no different versions or typologies of being Christian. There was and there is ONLY one Christ, and those who profess to be like Him can only be like the ONLY Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom John the Baptist heralded, Peter proclaimed, and Paul preached, according to the Scriptures.

You can’t create your own version that hate the people Jesus Christ died for, and claim to love God. That’s counterfeiting. You may say whatever you say preacher but, there is this one person that I can’t be good to. He/she is wicked, I can’t forgive.

Alright, Jesus Christ offered you the criteria to NOT forgive. The offending person must have offended you 70×7 times in one day. Remember, the sun must never set on your anger, as a Christian. You must clean the slate of offences before the end of everyday. But, if you find this human, who offended you 490 times in one day, don’t forgive him/her. Otherwise, Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.

Indeed, being Christian is NOT a honorary title of those who visit cathedrals regularly. The Pharisees and Sadducees were excellent worshippers at the temple but, they weren’t christians. Rather, being Christian is an exclusive epitaph of those who have laid down their life to follow Jesus; a non-passive assumption of the lifestyle of God; a solemn believe in God and humanity.

To be candid, do many professing “Christians” actually “believe in God”, enough to obey His commandments? Talk less of believing in, and loving humanity? That is the subject of another long epistle.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. [Ecclesiastes 12:13 ].

Believe in God & humanity.

Before you go preacher, this article was titled “the solemn duty of all humans”, and ends up discussing about being Christian. All humans are NOT Christians, so change the title. Actually, the title was and is very correct. Yes, if all humans were like Jesus Christ, the world will be an awesome place, hence the article. So, we should all be “Christians”.

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• [The author, Dr. Abraham Idokoko, is a SocioPreneur, a solemn believer in God and Humanity.]