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..but the #people that do #know their #God [understand/know His #timing] shall be strong, and do exploits (Daniel 11:32). Hence, the #wisdom [to know God’s #perfect timing] is the #principal thing that we must have, according to the #Scriptures.

First, we must #ACCEPT that we can’t change God’s timing for our #life. His ways/plans are far higher/above ours. Trusting #God to do that which He promised, in His time, is true Faith.

That doesn’t mean you resign to #fate amidst challenges. It means you optimize your #faith in the God that never fails. He said so, you believe it, & you wait happily on the Lord, as you #work/#walk through the process. Then, your effectual fervent #prayers begins to avail much because you #understand divine times & seasons.

But, the holy book says we should command, decree, ask whatsoever.., and that He will answer importunate/persistent prayers. Yes, He will answer every prayer made in Faith/believe/trust in God’s #power, #will, and His timing, too.

Even biblical “Hezekiah” [Isaiah 38 & 2Kings 20] didn’t armtwist God to extend his life, He only reminded God about how he hath walked with God with a perfect heart, and God #chose to, #decided to heal him, & extend his life.

If God promised you a child, it takes about 9months after conception, to incubate & birth a healthy child, and decades to raise him/her. It’s not faith to demand that the baby be born at 3months because what you will get is an “abortus”. So, don’t abort God’s promises over your life, let them happen in God’s time.

If the times must change, the milieu must change, and only God has the power to change all that needs to change to make your desired end glorious. That’s why waiting on God is required. Otherwise, the all powerful God, who can do all things now, wouldn’t need you to wait.

Avoid the frustration/competition/turmoil of trying to get things prematurely, mostly because your peers have it, and you want it now. Lest, you #fall to evil devices, magicians, sorcery that guarantees a destructive end.

It’s basic wisdom to allow God do what only Him can do/change, in His #time i.e. key into the timing & seasons of He who was, and Is, and He is to come.

God’s timing is the best. Rely on “God’s O’clock”. That’s the perfect time. That’s true faith in God.

Enjoy your faith-filled years ahead.

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Credits: the video clip is reposted from @_my_reedemer on Instagram.