About the Author

Dr. Abraham Idokoko is a ‘social entrepreneur’ and a passionate exponent of socio-political paradigm shift that engenders the optimal wellbeing & healthy development of the world’s children, young persons, women and the elderly especially, those in disadvantaged circumstances in the developing world. He has demonstrated fervour to walking his talks by being a socio-developmental change agent, in his believe that selflessly adding value to other lives is the central essence and true meaning of living/life.

Many refer to Abraham as a physician & clinical philanthropist, a volunteer cum laude. He is among the few globally competitive humans that parade themselves as proudly made in Nigeria, entrenching the depth of his patriotic zeal for his home country. Those rhetoric are verifiably true of him having being trained at the prestigious College of Medicine of the University of Lagos and her School of Postgraduate Studies; the Postgraduate College of Obafemi Awolowo University; and of course, the Postgraduate School of the University of Ibadan; in addition to specialist medical education at the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria and the West African College of Physicians. He has initiated, participated-in, facilitated, managed and pioneered several clinical philanthropy and community development efforts over the years but, he is just beginning…

Abraham agrees with Virchow (1849) in that medicine, as a discipline, is a social science and that politics is medicine applied on a large scale. His writings are part of a concerted effort to share this health-wedge-interplay philosophy among the many hearts of gold across the globe. He is of the view that some sane minds in charge of the power politics of nations is the most effective pill for population health challenges. And that continually engaging this minds to spur them to action on our common ideals is essential to achieving sustainable development for all people.

Today, he is founder and Coordinator at GoldenHearts® Internationalé, an institute working assiduously to bridge the gap in essential healthcare and education access for persons living in disadvantaged circumstances in sub-Sahara Africa and the developing world!